Let’s broad all the narrows

Come,fade away our all sorrows

Not to make this love curse

Love,This world is not for us

Walk with me till the end of the road

Here my hand..keep it on hold

Promise, under the shine of moon

We’ll be each other’s boon

You and I will be there for all odds

To view life’s every dusk and dawn

I’ll raise you in any downfalls

Find me here or in afterlife souls…



I don’t want those days in my life back,the days of dark,the days of gloom, the days of sorrows, the days of blues…it is not easy to let you go but it is more difficult to live under the shadows of past. The brighter you are,the darker the shadow will be. My silence is not my ego nor my incapablity it is just my comfort zone,let me there for sometime. I am tired of explaining everything to them,to myself. I don’t need any suggestions..

I want to run away from this Crowd and want to spend time with me. This breeze has all the answers which I need.

I am not that book which you can open and read when you want, I am just that incomplete draft which is still to be completed but only by me.

So here, neither good nor bad I just want to be DIVYA,only DIVYA!

Another shades..

In all my blacks and whites

You came as my colorful lights

I wish you are forever

I promise there will be no either

Be there,Just be my dream

Allow me to fulfil you indeed

I found you in the darkest hour

Stay with me, be my part

I feel your vibes in my air

Isn’t enough,that I care

The breeze that crossed us

Hope if it again turns….

Your love..

You were nowhere

When I searched for you everywhere

You became my own weed

But weed is not what I need

You left your prints in my path

My love,to love you is so hard

The story that started in drops of rain

Now I found it just an another tale

Somewhere I know you are my wrong turn

I got the street filled with dark having no sun

A part of me is still with you

Hope one day life will give me your clue..

When i was asked..

Who is that holding your hand

I uplift something that was banned

Somewhere I know, was not a mistake

So why they keep a restraint

That moment they made me punished

I lost my moment which I cherished

I don’t want to blow the light I hold

It includes the pleasure I own

I nodded for the life they created

In seconds, I agreed to be humiliated

The hardest part when I weep and shout

I heard,they were laughing out loud

I have been there in my own hell

But never to let out and share

Having pupils and eye

Come let’s forgive,they are blind…

Never ending…

My clock is in search of relief

What should I choose escape or believe

Never thought it will end like this

That are only rocks which I thought is cliff

My pages of life screams your story

That love is now only a memory

Now the nights are of less sleep

My pillow knows how much I weep

The days are no more in desire

Wish I could again light that fire

Who will be responsible for this apart

Wrongs and rights are not marked

Someday in future if we meet

Let’s promise to not to be mean.

Search of Peace

At the end of the day

I miss my Ray

Ray that bring peace

Peace what I actually need

Where are the days

When my surroundings are not of clays

They were the real people

It was never annoying when they tickle

My life was Rich

Yes,that were the days I wished

But this is not what my life covers

I know innings are not over

I will play my own game

Let the people come and blame